Seamoss For Life - Our Story

Our Story:

Herman Ware and Roberta Arnold here, we are your sea moss enthusiasts and we wish the best for you. What we want the most for you is that you live every day, with strength and clarity of mind.

The sea moss journey started for us in 2021. A close friend in the health and beauty industry started sharing sea moss on his social media pages and he seemed excited about what seamoss was doing for him.
Herman reached out to him and ordered his own seamoss from his friend. When he tried the sea moss he was shocked that it didn't take days to feel the effects.
He started feeling energized, fatigue was gone, and he was able to wake up without grogginess in the morning! That's only one of the satisfying benefits that he felt. Herman started sharing each of his new experiences with sea moss on his own social media pages with friends and family. Seeing his strong interest and his humorous posts, his friends and family were intrigued and asked him to order sea moss for them. With the support and enthusiasm of his friends and family, Herman knew that this was his natural calling and the beginning of something great! Now he could offer something amazing, essential and most importantly, have the honor of sharing a product he was truly passionate about.
At the same time I (Roberta) also was excited just to get a hold of this superfood that I had heard of before. Now, the search was over. I had heard of sea moss, but I had no idea about the 92 of 102 essential minerals sea moss contains. After processing the raw seamoss, that Herman purchased from his friend, he shared it with me. The look of the sea moss was smooth like applesauce and I was able to see how simple it is to process it at home. I also noticed that the effect was immediate. I absolutely suggest it for everyone. My personal experience as a woman who has always felt loss of energy and always exhausted, especially around the time of my monthly cycle because of my anemia. Since taking seamoss daily, I have not had the fatigue, bloating, and long weeks of heavy debilitating menstrual pain.

Seamoss For Life takes pride in sourcing its product ethically, honestly, and most importantly, from across the globe. We appreciate you stopping by and look forward to serving you now and in the future with some of the best seamoss on the planet.

With love,
Herman Ware and Roberta Arnold





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